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Take your home to that next level

Whether you are planning kitchen and bathroom renovations, a house extension or complete home makeover, the MJU Construction team can help. They can also do outdoor work, including retaining walls, decks, fences and re-cladding throughout Auckland.

Call 027 512 1980 for great building skills, integrity and enthusiasm.

Kitchen & bathroom Renovations

Kitchen and bathrooms are a specialist field. Successful renovations need experienced building professionals who will listen, are multi-skilled and have great ideas.

Villa Renovations

Renovating bungalows and villas requires care and finish: this team’s speciality. They have a proven track record and revel in the detail and challenge that come with looking after these Kiwi classics.

New Builds

Looking to find an Auckland new home builder known for trustworthiness, an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence? Look no further.

MJU Construction – where passion meets experience

The team at Mt Wellington-based MJU Construction specialises in high-end renovations that will take your home to that next level.

No two Auckland homes are the same and no two Auckland households want the same things in their renovations. You’re unique and so are your renovation ideas, so MJU Construction’s renovation services are custom-built to suit.

MJU Construction specialises in great living spaces

Renovate with them and they will make your home a joy to live in. This team can build upwards, downwards or outwards from your existing house. Whichever direction you’d like your home to move, they’ll make it happen.

Big enough to get the job done and small enough to care, MJU Construction is an experienced, reputable Auckland building company and because they intend to be around as long as their building work, their reputation is everything. They don’t cut corners and will not leave you with incomplete or sub-standard building work, ever.

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It’s all about focus

These builders don’t get sidetracked by the dramas of new developments or subdivisions and you won’t be dropped in favour of the big, noisy commercial clients. Your new build or renovation will be their focus. MJU Construction is not a franchise, nor are they Auckland group home builders. They are hard-working, honest, skilled tradies who can bring the personal touch to your building project that big, nationwide building companies simply can’t. They’re the builders Aucklanders talk to their friends about – for all the right reasons.

A well-known, experienced, reputable Auckland building company, they specialise in renovation work, particularly with bungalows and villas. Build with Kojak and his team and you put your home and your dreams in the hands of building professionals who genuinely care. They take pride in their work and always go the extra mile to ensure clients are happy. It’s just what they do.

Call Kojak Faioso direct on Call 027 512 1980 for an obligation-free consult today.

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